LONG: como esperanza de pobre

LONG: COMO ESPERANZA DE POBRE is a 30 meter long soft sculpture of a dragon that celebrates me turning thirty, a turnpoint that came as a time of  introspection and transformation as I begun to embrace my true self. It explores the idea of hope as a powerful force that provides a beacon of light and help us take action towards becoming who we are meant to be. 

Not all dragons are born strong, wise, and powerful, but the one who is humble is always confident that what is meant to be will come. Just as the dragon rises from the ashes, we too can rise above our challenges and become the best version of ourselves. Hope is the last thing that is lost. 

The title of this work is a word game between Chinese, English and Spanish (“long” in chinese meaning dragon). “Largo como esperanza de pobre” (Long as a poor man’s waiting) is a popular saying widely used in Uruguay that refers to something that takes a long time, something we long for and is expected with great hope. 

LONG: COMO ESPERANZA DE POBRE is made of 30 equal parts (1m long), and each of these represents a year of my life up until that moment. The colors and shapes in the print patterns of each piece evolve sequentially, carrying details of the previous pattern evolving throughout  the work, in the same way life is an evolution of past experiences that will indefinitely shape who we are and who we are meant to become. 

3000 cm – changes structure

Unbleached Cotton Canvas, Acrilyc Paint, Cotton thread.

Original – Signed and Dated.

2019, China.