About me

I define myself as an artist, maker and designer. My art journey is my way of participating in the world, fusing archetypal concepts with personal intimate experiences to build connections with others and understand and reclaim my own reality.


Ine Agresta

My curious, restless, and observant spirit led me to explore the world of textiles and fashion design and to immerse myself in the field of handcrafts in Uruguay. My artistic journey took me to Beijing in pursue of a master’s degree in art design and ended up graduating in a summer house in Denmark during the pandemic.

I’m a Fashion and Textile Design honours graduate from UDELAR (2013, Uruguay), and while still in my last year of university, I was awarded first prize and people’s choice award in LUMINA 5 (National award for emerging fashion talents). I hold a Master Degree in Art Theory from BJTU (Beijing, China), for which I was the recipient of a full schoolarship granted by the Government of China.  

Since the begining of my career, I have shared my art practice through workshops (Paper Mache Masks, 2022. Creative Printing, Easy Printing, 2019. Taller de verano, 2014.), artists talks (Erhvervsakademi SydVest, 2021/2022. EsCultura, 2021. DesArt Gallery, 2020.), and several group exhibitions in China, Uruguay and Denmark.  

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MASTER OF ART THEORY, Beijing Jiaotong University. Beijing, China.

BACHELOR OF TEXTILE AND FASHION DESIGN, Escuela Universitaria Centro De Diseño. Montevideo, Uruguay. 

Selected Exhibitions

QVINDFOLK. Group Exhibition, KunstPunkt. Augustenborg, Denmark.

COLOR AND SURREALISM. Group Exhibition, New Millenium Gallery. Beijing, China. 

MATERIAL THINKING. Online Group Exhibition, Contemporary Art Institue, Tsinghua University. Beijing, China. 

INE AGRESTA TAKES OVER CABO. Solo Exhibition, Cabo Art Room, Cabo Coffee. Beijing, China.

Artist Statement

My artistic practice is a journey of self-definition. Through an organic and animated visual language, I am constantly adding up to a collection of personal souvenirs that reshape and cushion the impact that each life event and experience leaves behind throughout this eternal process of becoming who I am.  

My artistic practice is the lens through which I interpret reality. A palette of bright and rich colors reflects the intensity with which I live each minute of my life, and casts a positive light upon experiences that feel heavy and difficult in order to celebrate and rediscover them from a kinder and more empathetic perspective.  

My artistic practice is my link to the world and my way of participating in it. By fusing archetypal concepts with personal intimate experiences and translating them into a clear and accessible visual language, I strive to build connections with others that help me understand and reclaim my own reality. 

My artistic practice is my material philosophy. Immersing myself in the hypnotic and repetitive process of embroidery, exploring the textures and three-dimensionality that can be achieved with textiles, abandoning myself in the sensory explosion that comes with working with clay; making the intangible tangible is how I grant myself the time and space to restructure and delve into complex ideas, feelings and emotions to transcend my individual experience and reveal the universal essence of the collective human experience. 

My artistic practice is my way of existing in this reality.