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universal – natural – open

We are nothing but a tapestry of psychic energy connecting with each other through strings of mental ether that shape our reality. We are nothing but a universal invisible force shaped up in scattered pieces of colorful matter that molds our faces, our brains, our thoughts, our world. We are nothings but a condensed mass of thought impulses that run through each and every vein in our bodies like an infinite thread that connects us with the natural power within us. We are nothing but an open well of timeless wisdom that floats like particles of dust that settles silently on the top of our heads. We are nothing but thousands of square meters of skin that folds and twirls and expands and carries what others have lived before us. We are nothing but a circuit of connected energy. We are nothing but one

U.N.O – universal, natural, open

140*150 cm  (variable)
Cotton  Canvas, Acrylic Paint, Cotton Thread.
Hand Sewn, Hand Embroidered, Hand painted.
With Signature.
2021 – Nuuk, Greenland.