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The Third Nipple

THE THIRD NIPPLE. Providing perception beyond ordinary sight.

THE THIRD NIPPLE is a celebration and a gift for my mum and my sisters. It is also a tribute to all the women in my life and to all the women in the world. They are textile talismans inspired by the concept of the third eye and the fact that I have a tiny third nipple. Some will consider it disgusting, I consider it a superpower. THE THIRD NIPPLE is the power of the feminine, it is a symbol of intuition, strength and creation. And when I speak of feminine power, I don’t mean what relates to the biologically, socially or culturally defined female gender. I mean the power of the feminine energy. We all have nipples; we all have feminine power. Let’s go find it and use it well!

THE THIRD NIPPLE are handmade talismans that celebrate the feminine power. They are hand sewn, printed and embroidered with love and care, so each one of them is unique. They are created in batches and are numbered and signed.

THE THIRD NIPPLE, the gate that leads to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness.

The Third Nipple

18*26*11 cm
Cotton  Canvas, Acrylic Paint, Cotton Thread.
Hand Sewn, Hand Embroidered, Hand painted.
Numbered, With Signature.
2020 – Nuuk, Greenland.