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AMIGINARIOS is a series of characters I have been, and will continue, building with recycled paper. The name of the series comes from combining the words in Spanish “amigos” (friends) and “imaginarios” (imaginary). This is a series to honor all the friends I have left at the many homes I have had throughout my life, and how their absence has been an inspiration to create faces that make me feel at home. They all have parts of those people I love, and a little bit more that comes from my imagination.

I started exploring the technique of recycled paper sculpting because I am a natural “hand writer” and I use A LOT of paper, which most of the times ends up as waste. I realized that I had to do something with all that paper, and could not think of a better way than using all those discarded “ideas/paper” to create new friends to decorate homes.

AMIGINARIOS are the perfect friends to have at home.

Amiginarios – Series I

25*20 cm
Recycled Paper, Hand painted.
With Signature.
2021 – Nuuk, Greenland.

Amiginarios – Series II

25*20 cm
Recycled Cardboard, Hand painted.
With Signature.
2022 – Sønderborg, Denmark.