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Mafia Finger

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MAFIA FINGERS are handmade, made-to-order forgiveness charms. These fingers are hand sewn, printed and embroidered with love and care, so each one of them is unique. They are created in batches and are numbered and signed.

MAFIA FINGERS are part of a bigger project called MAFIA that includes hands, fingers and feet. They are soft sculptures inspired by the mafia ritual of chopping off the fingers and hands of those who make mistakes. Yeah, sounds creepy… But aren’t we sometimes our own MAFIA? Don’t we sometimes “chop-off” ourselves instead of allowing ourselves to make mistakes and forgive?

MAFIA FINGERS are a reminder that we should always forgive ourselves and others; they are magic charms that bring us the power and confidence we need to allow ourselves to admit mistakes and forgive.

Hand Made

Cotton Canvas, Acrylic Paint, Cotton Thread.
Hand Sewn, Hand Embroidered, Hand painted.
Numbered, With Signature.

Custom Order

If you want other colors for the nails on your MAFIA FINGERS that don't appear on the listing options, please don't hesitate and write me! I will try my best to get you what you are looking for.

Care Instructions

Hand washable. Wash sparingly. Roll in a towel to release excess water before lying flat to dry.


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