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Edmunda Gracias


EDMUNDA GRACIAS is a talisman that celebrates the value of time. It was inspired by some people who, unknowingly showed me the value of my own personal timing. Because life works in mysterious ways (or not so much), the creation process of Edmunda caught me unaware, and in a way time only knows how to, it showed me that time always goes by and that it is only up to us to decide how to deal with that. Edmunda was a double teaching of the value of time.

LOS GRACIAS is a two-piece mini project that was made simply as a gesture of gratitude. FLORENCIO GRACIAS and EDMUNDA GRACIAS are two “portraits” I made to show my gratitude to those who taught me about self-empowerment and the value of my own time. I say “portrait” because they don’t really represent only one person, but are a mix of some people who taught me about these life lessons.

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Weight300 g
Dimensions170 × 37 cm
Hand Made

Cotton Canvas, Acrylic Paint, Cotton Thread.
Hand Sewn, Hand Embroidered, Hand painted.
With Signature.

Unique Piece

This is a unique piece of art. It was made in 2020 in Nuuk, Greenland. EDMUNDA GRACIAS is a set of two pieces; the portrait and a small hand-embroidered poem. 37*170 cm + Poem 10*49.4 cm


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